G.T. Waties: Steal the thunder

Label/DistributionFun Boy Productions
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


This very rare record is the personal effort of G.T. Waties who is responsible for guitars, bass, keyboard and vocals on "I love 'em all". The rest of the tracks have female vocals made by two singers while they also participate two drummers. Overall the LP stands as a very good effort in the vain of Childhood's End. The melodic guitars of Waties are really good and show that this unknown musician had the potential to make a significant career. I have never seen a copy for sale on mail order lists but only a couple of times on ebay and due to the fact it is still a very obscure LP you may see a low price tag if you ever find a copy!

Side A
1) I need love
2) I love 'em all
3) Steal the thunder, steal the night

Side B
1) When are you coming back
2) Free spirit rock
3) Until we meet again

Created / updated: 2015-07-14
Vaggelis Fotakis