Gargoyle: Same

Label/DistributionNew Renaissance
FormatCD, LP
Musical styleHeavy Metal, US Metal
Additional infoOriginal pressings are very rare, two CD-reissues and one LP-reissue available.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


To me this is simply the best US Metal album ever! Tim Lachman is maybe the best singer I ever heard, the powerful, melodic songs stand like monuments - it is perfect! Not more to say, a must!

Note: our rarity grading refers to the original release. There are two CD-reissues and one LP-reissue available that are much easier to get.

Nothing is sacred
The burning
Aryan diplomacy
Final victory
Look homeward
Out from the shadows
Dark mirror dream
Blind faith
Down to the ground

Created / updated: 2012-11-22
Stefan Wille