Fifth Angel: Fifth Angel

Musical styleUS Metal
Additional infoAdditional Infos: Original pressing by SHRAPNEL, licenced from BANZAI for Canada. One year after it was released, Epic/Sony reissued it with a different cover: that press is nowadays quite cheaper and less rare than the original with marvellous "pegasus cover"! This debut can be found also reissued on CD and on CD/OBI (for Japan).
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Sometimes we wonder about dreams to come true: well...Fifth Angel's debut
album IS THE METAL DREAM COME TRUE!!! This thunderous combo from Seattle
(birth town for Heir Apparent, Sanctuary and Metal Church, too!) started
battering hard back in 1985, by the grace of Banzai Records -the same who
issued Helloween's debut EP for the USA-, and at that time featured killer
line-up made of ace-drummer Ken Mary, guitar wizard James Byrd (then founder
of Atlantis Rising) and above all, the forgotten talent Ted Pilot behind
Hammering just from the opener "In the fallout" -blasting heavy metal!- and
moving on through highlights such as "Wings of destiny", "Fifth Angel", and
of course mega athletic anthems "Only the strong survive" plus "Cry out the
fools", this record almost touches perfection in U.S. Melodic Metal!
Along with Ken Mary's drumming, that's one of the best ever, you will find
faboulous guitar duels and manish vocals near to Dio and (thinkin' about the
future) Vic Hix from Shok Paris. But do have Shok Paris and do not
have any Fifth Angel???!!! That's extremely fair!

The Night
Shout it Out
Call out the Warning
Fifth Angel
Wings of Destiny

In the Fallout
Cry out the Fools
Only the strong Survive
Fade to Flames

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Massimo Machetti