Feinstein: Third Wish

Label/DistributionMagic Circle
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional inforeleased through SPV/Steamhammer as Europen press
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Long time desired debut album from former Rods, Elf and Hollywood axeman David Feinstein is finally out!!! And it proudly rocks! Released through the powerful Magic Circle Music and produced by Mr. Joey Demaio (his second smash album as a producer, after the excellent 2003's DSG debut), "Third Wish" recalls the last days of Blackmore's Rainbow, and also vocalist John West (Royal Hunt, Artension) wears Doogie White's shoes as well. Opener
"Regeneration" is absolutely the True Metal classic of this year, and so the album goes on through the great splendour of some hits like the wonderful title-track, the mega-anthem "Rule the World" (substained by killer old-style guitar triplets!!!), the manish stalking of "Live to ride, ride to live" and the absolute Dio-influenced "Far Beyond" (triplets again!). A real masterpiece of class-heavy-rock, born for all who really love the true Hard Sound and, of course, the brightness of chroming guitar riffing. Simply

1 - Regeneration
2 - Rebelution
3 - Streaming Star
4 - Third Wish
5 - Rule The World
6 - Masquerade
7 - Far Beyond
8 - Poison Ivy
9 - Live To Ride, Ride To Live
10 - Firefighter
11 - Inferno

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Massimo Machetti