Father, Son and the Holy Ghost: In the name of

Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional infoPrinted innersleeve.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Highly obscure album by this even more obscure New York act which seems like a mystery to me. Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, what could that mean? On the inner sleeve there's a huge cross printed with each member on 1 of the 4 joists. Joe Ferentino (vocals) and Mike Ferentino (guitars) seems to belong to the same family, while Mike is quite young looking and Joe much older. Wether Joe is his older brother, uncle or due to the weird band name he's prohably his dad? But this could be the explaination of the band name. Still to add, Joe is dressed like a priest and I don't think it's his stage costume! A metallic rocking priest with his son or younger brother! How white can a White Metal band still be? Musically not even that bad though it's not heavy Heavy Metal, more metallic Hard Rock or rough pounding Hair/Party Metal style, a bit like earliest CRÜE or stuff like THE PUSH BAND (Til it hurtz) with 2 or 3 earworms and quite rhythmic bass lines. Mikes guitar solos are cool as hell, unfortunately the entire A side except of the good melodic Metal number "Never going back" contains only Hard Rock songs. The B side is the heavier of both and features that aforementioned rough Party Metal stuff (not lyricwise) which according to that (what Desmond Child or Bob Rock would call a) rough demo production (ala Dark Knight!) is giving those rockers what they needed to find the way into my ear. A listenable demo in other words but fans of the common US Party Metal can risk surely an ear or two and Demo albums are right up my alley.

Don't say no, say maybe
Heads you win, tails I lose
Wild thing
Stayin' power
Vache Ecrassé
Never going back
In the name of
Play with fire
Kiss and tell
Nightmare/Time won't let me
Ready tonight

Created / updated: 2013-03-13