Empyre: No more running away

Label/DistributionCoat of arms
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Der Nachfolger zu "The foundation" ist genauso gut wie das Deb├╝t. Melodischer Hard Rock, leichter Glam-Einschlag, leicht epische Momente, starke Stimme - ein Muss in jeder Hard Rock Sammlung! Leider mit die rarste CD, die existiert...

The successor to "The foundation" is as great as the debut was. Meldoic Hard Rock, some Glam, some epic moments, great vocals - a must-have in every serious Hard Rock collection! Unfortunately, this is among the rarest CDs around...

1) No more running away
2a) The Iliad
2b) And
2c) The odyssey
2d) The redemption
3) Street kidz
4) Whispering wind
5) Just once more
6) Missing in action
7) The ring
8) It's a game
9) When the fire leaves
10) Crime of the heart
11) Some bodies talking

Created / updated: 2012-04-09
Stefan Wille