Disturbed: Disturbing the peace

Label/DistributionChannel 83
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


These guys could be huuuuge in the Thrash scene, when they wouldn't have done the worst mistake a Thrash band ever can do, mixing raw brutal Thrash with let's call it "progressive elements". This never worked in the past, won't work in the future nor it did work on "Disturbing the peace". I don't know who the hell was responsible for that nonsense riff- and break-o-rama during the rude thrashing parts that made them at places sound even like Slayer but with far "better" (in the sense of "raw screaming") vocals plus a non sucky die-hard Thrash production and thick private pressing cardboard sleeve. But just like the track "Brain deth" suggests, someone must have been braindead when composing this "shit" that features just stupid Donald Duck vocals in combination with super low quality midtempo riffing in the worst style you can imagine. Compare songs like this fucker with hammer tracks like f.e. the first 2 "Comatose" and "Kill 'em" and you'll ask yourself what was the aim with such an album?! They could be huge now, but they fucked it up completely! Going deeper into the following material you'll find them mixing up some rockin' Crossover parts with their already known killer Thrash and so on. What a waste of talent! The tragic side is just that on their Demo 1989 they totally wiped out that funny stuff and did finally concentrate on the only thing they should have done already on "Disturbing the peace", thrashing the blood out of your ears! But it was sadly too late then...
"Disturbing the peace" is just an album for die-hard Thrash maniacs who can stand some freaky parts and don't take Thrash as serious as I do!

Kill 'Em
Brain Deth
Bought & Sold
Die, Die, Die
Productive Intercourse Serial Killer
Bent Out Of Shape
Tear It Apart
Evil Sensations
What The Fuck!?!

Created / updated: 2011-01-17