Direct Touch: Girls want money

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


I'm kinda happy that this band didn't continue the almost funky way known from their first MLP released in 1986. Can't really understand why it's such a wanted piece, musicially it has not much to do with what I call US Metal. But anyways, one year later DIRECT TOUCH did prepare their fullenght "Rock you 'til it hurts" and therefore released 2 promotional 12 inches with just contains 1 track each meant as appetizer for the upcoming album that in the end was never released! Both had just a plain white sleeve with an identical sticker on it that just differed in the song title featured on the vinyl. I have to say I was kinda scared to buy a vinyl with a song called "Girls want money" but since a greek friend of mine bought the other 12" featuring the killer track "Rock you 'til it hurts" and was so kindly to send me an MP3 file (Huhu, you're in TV now Greg!) I knew that hell has to freeze over before a band changes it's style on the same album drastically and I was soooo right about that! "Girls want money" offers the same melodic (almost Power) Metal that strangely got mixed with kinda AOR tunes, namely lotsa keyboards but comes with such a dynamic guitar riffing that I've been listening to that track maybe 32x yet and can't get enough. There's no band to compare their style with except of the czech band INDEX Y that most of you haven't heard about yet. And I also don't know if I should write about them coz they mixed Progressive Rock with Heavy Metal on their 7" in 1986 having the equal power at places with squealing guitars all the time just like DIRECT TOUCH on "Girls want money". For those who enjoy powerful Melodic Metal with keyboards but without being Pop Metal, this EP is a must to have! Really! I just wonder why they did waste all their money for 2 EP's instead of releasing the LP which would have become a top item in collectors circles I'm sure! Outstanding track!

Girls want money

Created / updated: 2011-01-17