Deathcorp: Same

FormatMini-LP, Mini-CD
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Also known as "Rest in pieces" but seriously, that title doesn't turn up anyhere on the whole MLP, not on the sleeve nor on the label stickers. A local Detroit Thrash/Crossover act with a private vinyl that contains the same trax on both sides and who had a small problem with their vocalist. When I bought this record 11 years ago it was quite expensive for a Thrash record and after I saw the bands logo I did expect something more brutal Death/Thrash Metal at least. But Deathcorp on this vinyl are just a pretty insane mix of controlled Crossover and minutes later total Thrash mayhem with almost blast beats. Unfortunately their vocalist does not fit to their style coz he's more of an HC frontman imo. As long as you can ignore his sometimes annoying vocals you'll like this record for sure especially when you're into these low budget production underground albums where the drums are acting slightly in the foreground. These godly thundering doublebass hammers will drive you insane! A few parts remind me alot to some classic HC acts in a serious way. If you watch their youtube videos you'll soon recognize that their live performances had been alot more brutal then they were able to reproduce on vinyl which is more than sad. But all in all it's surely no mistake to call this MLP your property. You won't see it often...

Rest in Pieces
Reign of Lucifer
The Summoning
Question of Faith

Created / updated: 2011-01-17