D.F.X.: No frills

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infonever in PS
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I'm not sure if this was a just a kinda Demo-LP of this northern New Jersey based Heavy Rock troop but they couldn't afford the money anymore it seems to put a real picture sleeve on it. My copy came sealed, looking mint and it just had this shitty white sleeve and nothing more than the record included. What's to expect? No Power Metal sadly, just hard rocking Metal with a not exactly minor Hard Rock edge but powerful sound and it's starting on "It's hard" with some squealing guitars! On the best track of this album "Tonight we're rockin" they remind me to softer TYTON on their "Castle Donnington" Pic MLP, I'm speaking about the midtempo songs and especially the vocals. But this track has something dragging along that makes it hard to hate it. Especially the guitar solo parts are a big plus point on this album, very solid musicianship. Unfortunately the last track on the A-side "Gone gone" as well as "Let's get together" (reminds me alot to the VIRGIN SOLDIERS) do offer a bluesy 70's Hard Rock feeling while "She likes to rock" appears very glammy in my ears and "Two of a different kind" again comes along with a Blues touch. So those who want real Heavy Metal better ignore this record and the Hard Rock (and especially the growing 70's) fan base, you might think about to purchase "No frills". A solid local pressing, nothing more or less.

It's hard
Tonight we're rockin
Gone gone
Let's get together
She likes to rock
Two of a different kind

Created / updated: 2011-01-17