Commandment: Oriental Maiden

Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoNever in PS
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


10 Jahre vor dem OPM Release waren 2 Songs welche darauf wiederveroeffentlicht wurden bereits als Single erhaeltlich. Beide Songs gehoeren zweifellos zum besten was die Band veroeffentlicht hat. Single Fetischisten greifen sich das Teil wenn sich die Gelegenheit bietet waehrend der normale Konsument sicher mit dem Album bestens bedient ist.

I am sure this band won’t be unknown to the most of you. Both tracks on this 7" were released only as a Promo EP without PS to announce the coming album on Amethyst Records that was never released later. About 11 years after the full length album was released on OPM Records and offers fantastic US Power/Speed Metal in a nearly perfectly form.
Actually the reason I am featuring this EP here is to show you how there’s a possible way to get a copy of it.
I found my own one enclosed in a Knightmare "Evil dreams" LP that was also released in 1989 on Amethyst Records. So if you want Commandment you should probably watch out for the Knightmare LP because I am 80% sure that every LP got a free Commandment Promo 7" enclosed. Good luck, fukkerz!

Engraved in Stone
Oriental Maiden

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Michael Honegger