Citizen Kane: Hot blooded Rocker

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoComes with lyric sheet.
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


I'm sure everyone of you has seen this MLP once at ebay and it constantly gets offered/sells for a few $ while noone is placing any bid. For those who are curious what may hide behind that Southern Rock looking alike cover artwork I can tell you that except of "Sugar babe" which stylistically (Rock'n'Roll - prohably a cover version?) does absolutely not fit to the other songs on this obscure MLP that features a bluesy Hard Rock/early Metal mix on the title track with roaring guitars and dirty raunchy vocals while "Keep it up" the other heavy banger almost offers a NWOBHM feeling and got carressed by some melodic twin leads just like the british bands have been able to create. "I still love you" like the title may suggest is a ballad, but a pretty nice one, very catchy and spiked with an even more catchy, tender voice that already did refine "Keep it up" but the same guy also sung the much more nasty sounding parts on "Hot blooded Rocker". Definitely a Hard Rock/Metal band that's more rooted in the Metal genre, but I guess there are enough Hard Rock lovers out there and these guys shouldn't miss this enjoyable piece. That guy really can sing!

Hot blooded Rocker
Sugar babe
I still love you
Keep it up

Created / updated: 2011-01-17