Brutal Hand: Unchain the world

Musical styleUS Metal
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Oha!!!! Was ist denn da passiert? Hatte ich das Debut noch als relativ unspektakulären, um nicht zu sagen etwas biederen US-Metal mit guten Ansätzen in Erinnerung, bläßt "Unchain the world" wirklich alles weg! Und ALLES hat sich bei der Band auch enorm verbessert. Vom Gesang zum Songwriting zum Sound, zum Coverartwork.... Dazu gibts Power, die mich schon fast an das legändäre METAL CHURCH-Debut erinnert, wobei der Song ja schon erstaunlich stark an alte SAVATAGE-Glanzleistungen rankommt! Ihr fragt Euch jetzt sicherlich: Spinnt Schreiberling Riermaier oder hat er heute schon zuviel Scheiben angehört? Nein, "Burning sea", "Out of time" oder was auch immer gehen voll zur Sache. Freddy Ferrell holt aus seiner Stimme geradezu ungeahnte Höchstleistungen heraus und mir bleibt nur eine absolute KAUFEMPFEHLUNG auszusprechen!

If we were in the 80s the band would become famous in a few weeks, but sadly we are in 2006 and all is much more difficult for promising new bands. BRUTAL HANDs second album is not only promising, its in my opinion a masterpiece and a classic just after its release. While the debut was nice but with parts waiting to become improved, this time I am sitting in front of my stereo and don't trust my ears whether I have made an error and put the Debut from METAL CHURCH or SAVATAGE inside my CD-Player...but no, its BRUTAL HAND. Beside the glorious title-track, mighty songs like Burning sea or Vengeance I haven't heardt from a US-Metal-newcomer-band since a very long time. There were a lot of new talented bands from the States this year, but not one like BRUTAL HAND. If you have the Debut and like it, fine, you will love "Unchain the world", but if you say: "Yes, the first album was nice but not overwhelming", then you MUST give the band a second chance! "Unchain the world" is for me the album of this month worldwide and I had to hear many many CDs. There was stuff like VICIOUS RUMORS or RUFFIANS, but they cannot compare with BRUTAL HAND! Killer-METAL! Must have, no doubt about it!

Crystal Palace
Heart of stone
Out of time
Burning sea
Blood thirst
Unchain the world
Taste the fear
Amon Moloch

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Riermaier