Blind Beggar: Winds of war

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


A spartan looking cover artwork again introduces another one of these countless US bands who released their vinyls privately. I've been searching after this record for more than 14 years, have seen it 2-3 times but naturally the dealer's price was a big barricade and even then at ebay placed in the correct category this sells easily for more than double of what I got it for. If you don't know what's to expect and you behold the non-Metal looking Florida trio you surely hesitate because they do look like a typical Rock/AOR troop but surely not Metal. BUT as soon as the epic gloomy and atmospheric title track plays it's first doomy tunes and the vocalist starts the preaching (pro-christian band if not even completely a White Metal force) you immediately know that money was spent at the right place! What a creeping epic hammer! The song's structure changes in the middle part right after the mystic choir and the track turns into a more gallopping uptempo direction, almost Power Metal alike that won't release you out of it's iron choke-hold anymore! Not sure how to categorize the vocals, he surely sounds familar, yeah, a bit like Brian Clark of PHILADELPHIA. However the straw-fire quickly suffocates on the next track "Daddies little girl" which shows the Blind Beggar in the expected (Hard) Rock manner that the pic on the sleeve suggests. The B-side brings the Metal back fortunately, at first with the pounding Heavy Rocker "Shout it" (you've heard such songs 666 times) and then with another highlight "Virgin's child" which's dedicated to a guy you surely know and hate - the king of kings. Basically in the same galopping style like on the 2nd part of "Winds of war" and again these perfect sung vocals, while moreover this song could be any heavier PHILADELPHIA tune too! In the end there are 2 killer tracks, 1 average and a total sucker. If you are able to get "Winds of war" for a reasonable price" you shouldn't hesitate alone for the outstanding title track, otherwise use your brain and wait for a cheaper copy!

Winds of war
Daddies little girl
Shout it
Virgin's child

Created / updated: 2011-01-17