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Label/DistributionLiving Proof
Musical styleHard Rock, Progressive Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


A record that compared by the musical content imo reaches absurd prices in the 70 or 80 $$ but doesn't really can justify that value in any form, except of maybe the quite convincing and heaviest track "City of fear". Both sides do start with 2 absolutely boring funky Rock tunes that I don't wanna lose any words about. "Take me away" and "I hear you callin'" finally are getting heavier but never Metal in any form. RUSH influenced progressive Hard Rock with listenable solos and catchy songwriting is the only thing that I can confirm, but of the kind that could easily get airplay in any commercial radio show back then. "City of fear" is prohably the only song on this MLP, that offers at least Metal influences, though the heart of the song consists of proggy Hard Rock as well, just a bit heavier than the other songs and fairly with above average songwriting and epic hints whose faster drumming parts really giving that song a "face". Imo a 3-track 7" would have been enough, prohably the band got heavier on the following 7" released 1984 but I have my doubts plus it's price reaches almost double as much $$ as this barely listenable MLP. So think twice if you love your money.

Take me away
I hear you callin'
City of fear

Created / updated: 2012-05-30