Axminster: Retro-Fits

Label/DistributionKickiní Productions
Musical styleHard Rock
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Retro fits could be seen as kinda Best off album of this old Heavy Rock band from Boston who were active in the mid 80’s but never releasing any album. The band itself mentions LED ZEPPELIN, AEROSMITH or THE SWEET as their influences and basically I’d agree with AEROSMITH although AXMINSTER are much more of a Hard Rock/Metal hybrid, comparable with early heavier BON JOVI or even VAN HALEN, having a good rockin’ vibe and would be mostly fit in the typical US Radio Metal genre, without being classic Metal of corpse. The songs are well structured with loud pounding Rock rhythmn and catchy poppy refrains. Guess this was the right heavier stuff to be played at the public radio stations in the 80’s. Rock ’n’ Roll infection even offers some faster drumming but basically delivers a rockin’ background, like it’s known by W.A.S.P. f.e. The album even reaches Metal regions with the 1986 session featuring Can’t have you or My tattoo without ever losing it’s commercial touch. Generally for fans of melodic/aorish US Hard Rock it’s a nice purchase, alone seen from the view that they are quite an unknown band over here. I naturally like the heavier songs better but all in all everything sounds pretty professional. The most minus points are to add due to the lame booklet which is actually just a 2 sided (pro-printed) sheet and the CD comes in a slimcase only but in contrary to this it’s price is really low!

Only A Stranger
Eye On You
Hands Wettin' The Wheel
Teenage Livin'
Rock N' Roll Infection
Can't Have You
My Tattoo
Bad Reputation
Take It Easy
Running Out On Love

Created / updated: 2011-01-17