August: Sunny days/Hot nights

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I sadly don't have a year of release but several ebay sellers do mention the 80's. Seen by their The Sweet-ish haircuts and flower jackets I'd put the record into the late 70's. What wouldn't fit then is the powerful music which is a mix of (80's style) Hard Rock and hints of some early Hair Metal. In other words AUGUST do sound much more early 80's alike than the musicians did look, so everyone has to find an own theory here. If the record was recorded indeed in the late 70's then I'm tempted to recommend it, as for that time it offers a quite "modern" style/sound. There are a very few bands that had the 80's sound already in the 70's like the canadian Karrol Brothers on their 78er LP who were able to rock with an 80's sound. Hardrockerz may risk an ear as they'll find what they are looking for, the Metal fraction should go and listen something else. Not a bad record I need to add, especially for the fat sound, though a little bit more aggressive vocals would have fit them better. Still the all changing question still remains, 70's or 80's???

Who's going to cry
Say goodbye
Single man
Last call
I care about you
So far away

Created / updated: 2013-04-09