Attak: Veni Vidi Vici

Label/DistributionBuried by Time and Dust
Musical stylePower Metal
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Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Will the flood of unknown and seemingly once buried 80's Metal troops that are recently
unburied again (n)ever end? Came, saw and conquered, well not really, otherwise we'd have heard about Attak earlier but that wasn't a fault of their metallic quality at all. Does anyone
remember the godly early US Power Metallers of Max Lynx? I bet you do, well, you'll love it to hear that their vocalist appears on one of the 2 Attak demos featured on this CD as well. Both were recorded with totally different line up in February of 1985 and December the same year with Jerry Lee Cross behind the micro (this tape was never published). A quite interesting fact is that even on the official first demo their vocalist Alan Lancer sounds similar to Jerry but without his typical high pitched screams. You'll also notice that their style doesn't differ that much to Max Lynx' creations. I'm conretely thinking of tracks like "Running with the wild" or "Metal never dies" of the essential early US Metal brigade. Attak somehow adopted that style and added a few more pounding influences that in the end made the unreleased Demo from December 85 an absolutely typical, powerful smoking piece of US steel, heavy as fuck and direct into your face Metal with pounding hammers like "It's not evil to rock" and "Take no prisoners" until the speed was raised on "Veni Vidi Vici". On "Rock-n-Roll-soldiers" you won't notice any difference to Max Lynx anymore. This track even shows some parallels in the basic riffing to New Jersey's The Beast; "King of screams" to be exact.
The first demo still hasn't got the power of the second one, but it's not less listenable at
all. Attak just did not reach the Power Metal level on this one, but already revealed a little
look into their future with a more galopping US Metal. It's a little bit absurd to admit for me
that the track I like the most on this demo is the slowest on the whole CD "Come alive", an
epic semi balladesk track with creepy touch and fantastic atmosphere that's mainly caused by Lancer's fine vocal parts.
To finally find an end and resume, when you're into classic US Metal you must be completely nuts to ignore this release! Order the CD ($ 14 ppd worldwide) directly from the e-mail address above. You won't regret!

It's not evil to rock
Take no prisoners
Veni Vidi Vici
Rock-n-Roll soldiers
One track mind
Look to the light
Come alive
Winter witches

Created / updated: 2011-01-17