Ashbury: Endless skies

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoCD was rereleased in 2007.
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Great Hard Rock with a really fine vocalist! Incredible Fantasy-Coverartwork! Recommended!

This is an incredible record. Vocalist is reminiscent at times of a very melodic Jethro Tull and is quite soothing. Though hard rock based, the lyrical content of a song like "The Warning" is more metal like, with a theme of a wizard's warning the people of their impending demise. "Take Your Love Away" is definitely NOT a love ballad, and is a bit heavier than you might expect. There's a few acoustic instrumentals and they are well done. "Madman" is another energetic number, and the guitar work is quite superb, though has a tendency to have a few twangy riffs. All in all, the scope and mood of the material changes from song to song, and this is a definite masterpiece right up there with LEGEND "From The Fjords." Ending track "Endless Skies" is absolutely beautiful, complete with piano notations and beautiful melodies, before ending the 7 minute epic masterpiece with heavier guitars and catchy chorus work! THIS is what we work so hard for...

Eine wirkliche Überraschung im melodischen Metal-Bereich. NIcht nur das sehr schöne Fantasy-Artwork überzeugt. Der eingängige Sound mit dem guten Sänger ist auch heute noch eine Investition für die sehr teure LP wert. Die CD-Version ist ebenfalls empfehlenswert.

Simply one of the best Hard Rock albums ever, a MUST-HAVE for every serious collection (vinyl and CD, too, of course)!

The warning
Take your love away
Hard fight
No mourning
Mystery man
Endless skies

Created / updated: 2012-07-23
Stefan Riermaier, Steven Cannon, Stefan Wille