Armory: Empyrean Realms

Label/DistributionMetavania Music
Musical styleHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


I remember the debut "The dawn of enlightenment" very well, being a great album I still love listening to. Now, after 6 years, Armory are back - and what can I say, "Empyrean realms" is a killer! Even better songwriting, a powerful production (by the band themselves) and catchy, commanding riffing, topped by a great vocalist and cover, there is no room for doubt that we have here a highlight of the year 2013! Useless to highlight a single track, but starting with the opener "Eternal Mind" and ending with "Quest for the fleece", all songs will easily delight you. If you're into 80s influenced Metal with melodic and progressive edges, a great atmosphere, intelligent lyrics and a voice reminding a bit of Iron Maidens, you must have it! Awesome, and totally unbelievable, that no big label has signed Armory until now. Get it now from

1. Eternal Mind 5:25
2. Dreamstate 5:21
3. Beyond the Horizon 6:52
4. Reflection Divine 5:29
5. Horologium 4:00
6. Elements of Creation 4:55
7. Inner Sanctum 4:56
8. Fate Seeker 6:21
9. Quest for the Fleece 7:00

Created / updated: 2013-11-23
Stefan Wille