Armed Forces: same

Label/DistributionOPM (LP) /High Vaultage (CD)
Musical styleUS Metal
Additional infoLP is limited to 500 handnumbered copies. First 100 to come in orange vinyl.
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Powerful and great US-Metal by Michael Henry (R.I.P.), who never in his short life was successful with his bands. No matter which band (August Redmoon, Eden, Armed Forces), his music was always great. But his best album is this at hand, which satisfies every Heavy Metal fan. Songs, voice, refrains, cover artwork - everything more than great, I'd say perfect. A MUST!

Superbe US Metal Scheibe, die den Nachruf für den zeitlebens glücklosen Michael Henry darstellt. Egal, ob mit August Redmoon, Eden oder Armed Forces, er hat trotz aller Qualität nie den Durchbruch erreicht. Umso bedauerlicher, hört man sich "Armed Forces" an. Zehn eindrucksvolle US Perlen, super produziert und erhaben intoniert - da jauchzt das Herz! Leider nur auf 500 Stück limitiert, aber ein absolutes Muss!

Feel it
Reach for the sky
Out of control
Heavens gate
Live for today
Hand that feeds
Mother mercy

Created / updated: 2011-03-08
Stefan Wille