Apathy: Out the window

Label/DistributionFat Bat
Musical styleCrossover
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Crossover band from Omaha/Nebraska on a local Omaha label (first release) playing a really interesting Crossover style while basically being a Metal band but several alternative/punky influences can be found on "Out the window" too. Even need to add that alternative Power Metal (check out "Over the edge" f.e.) with some cool guitar parts would definitely fit better in their case and Motörhead surprisingly wasn't playing any role in their speedy compositions. Imagine Nirvana would play Power Metal coz due to their vocalist who sounds close to Kurt Cobain that's my first impression. I was hesitating to buy this record for years coz the cover looks crappy but somehow the band logo shows the missing hint in which direction they could tend. You won't find much info abot them in the www. A rare local pressing that you can get for a few $$ only so if you're openminded for the Metal between all chairs it's definitely something worth to check out!

My world
Out the window
Over the edge
I think of you
Know I in friend
Forever in a day
Circus circus
All was
I was alive
6' under

Created / updated: 2011-01-17