Ambush: Infestation

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Does the front cover remind you of something? If not, you need intensive metal history lessons. Anyway, for those who know: don’t worry guys, AMBUSH are not any CRIMSON GLORY clones. They actually play mainstream hard rock, imfluenced a little bit by KISS, MOTLEY CRUE, WASP and those kind of bands. The problem is that the songs are really boring. It’s not weird that despite the reproduction of the famous cover of CRIMSON GLORY’s album, few metalheads know them. Metal is absent in this band. Also, just for the record, AMBUSH released one LP (s/t) in the same music style during the 80’s which is harder to find although it has been reissued in CD format recently.

Whore of Babylon
Million light years away
Killing machine
Without you
Xyon 5
Send me an angel
Bed of nails
A perfect world
Nothing sacred
Crash n burn
Save me

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
John Panagiotopoulos