Almighty: Cries of prey

Musical stylePower Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


The band originally was located in the Philippines but prohably completely moved to the US where they published this 12" EP privately. Therefore this one plus another record (can't tell you the name of that band as you'll surely know what happens then - lol) are the only vinyls of Philippine bands that I know. This little fucker surfaces so seldom (have seen about 10 Wyzard's, 5 The Mezmerist's, 3 Militia's etc in the meanwhile...) that I count with a 500 copies edition! Beside my own copy I've just seen 2 other copies in the past 10 years which is kinda sad because "Cries of prey" surely spreads some special Metal magic even though the drummer doesn't always offers his best moments. Moreover the drums are awfully mixed in the foreground which I can't stand at all especially when he's trying to play "progressive". But that's really the only negative critic I can say about ALMIGHTY. All 3 trax are made off the same scheme, starting like kinda semi-ballads while the title track ends in a Thrash disaster! "Lost control" for my ears is the best song on that 3 tracker, a sad epic number with mystic keyboards and "Justice for all" is a midpaced pounding Power Metal tune that has some keys in the background as well but not comparable to "Lost control". In contrary to most asian bands the vocals fit pretty well here. Alone for the obscurity that it indeed is you can buy this one, but to find a sealed copy for 5 $ is more than fiction! It could turn into a real financial nightmare.

Cries of prey
Lost control
Justice for all

Created / updated: 2011-01-17