Abraxas: Pretty poison/Paradise rising

Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional infoNever with PS.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This one is a pretty impressive early melodic US Metal 2 tracker that combines the pompish late 70's with the beginning metallic 80's in the US Metal history. Both tracks are absolutely awesome, may it be the Melodic Metal anthem "Pretty poison" or the epic ballad "Paradise rising" with similarities to that 1 year older VALIANT 7". Value for money, and usually this one sells for 100 $ +, but 9,99-19,99 $ copies are possible as well as I've experienced myself in case you can wait for your chance. "Pretty poison" is a guitar driven rocker with that wellknown AOR-ish touch but too fuckin' heavy to be AOR in my book. The vocalist sounds fantastic either. The flipside track is a strange thing, a ballad the is splitted in a "Bar music part" and an Epic Metal refrain. Right when you're tired of that softish "Vorgeplänkel" the songs turns into first class early Epic Metal with the refrain. Once again the guitar solos on both trax are outstanding. You'd be a jerk to miss this essential piece in your collection, but remember, the smart guy who can wait is the real winner here in that price category.

Pretty poison
Paradise rising

Created / updated: 2012-07-23