27North: Strike while the iron's hot

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoEdition of approximately 150 copies, insert with lyrics and band's photos.
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


This LP is not only impossible to find..it's unique as there are 2-3 known copies!! With only two members forming the band everybody would assume to listen a very average record. But the songs here are surpisingly good and the Judas Priest guitar elements are all over the place. "Raised on rock" and "Reach into the dark" are US Metal scorchers that you would expect to listen by a well known metal band and not from this ultra obscure group that even serious metal experts don't know.

Side A
1) Raised on rock
2) Reach into the dark
3) The outlaw

Side B
1) Echos in the wind
2) Hear me call
3) What you see (is what you get)

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Vaggelis Fotakis