Alvacast: Inocente...

Label/DistributionOrfeo Records
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoInnersleeve with lyrics Other pressings: Radio Tripoli (Argentina) - Different Coverart
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Again, another metal gem from south america, ALVACAST!!! Along with KRAKEN (COL), LUZBEL (MEX), MASACRE (Peru) ARKANGEL or RESISTENCIA (VEN) or RATA BLANCA (ARG) they are one of the veteran bands that are part of the Metal scene in the latin american countries. This gem of true metal is an album of close to perfect measures, as it has everything that a pefect one needs: great vocals, powerfull music with tremendous twin leads close to bands like IRON MAIDEN or true metal bands from the USA (and still has very good lyrics too)! "Inocente.." is the original version of the CD from ALVACAST called ""Black Testaments" (this one is not too hard to get) but this CD is in english with some bonus tracks. But nothing compares to get the original vinyl, as it is very very hard to find today. The same with the first and monster rare "Al Borde Del Abismo" record. ALVACAST moved themselves to Canada in 1992, where the band tried to get a more international recognition, but after some great concerts and recording of the "Black Testaments" CD, the band split. Now some members of this band are still playing in some other new projects!

1) Inocente
2) Donde La Tierra Se Termina
3) Negros Testamentos
4) Buscando Refugio

1) Dentro De Mi Locura
2) Marginado
3) La Hora Del Ataque
4) Holocausto Nuclear

Created / updated: 2011-01-17