Warfare: Pure Filth

Label/DistributionRoadrunner (Released in Netherlands)
Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Let the warfare begin! English metal mayhem masters WARFARE crank up some mean and dirty metal that is rather simplistic at times in song structures, and a tune like "Total Armageddon" is rather catchy and will stick in your head for awhile. This record is the first WARFARE album, and it is a virtual who's who of guests within the metal world. First of all, the production is handled by none other than Algy Ward of the 80's NWOBHM band TANK! VENOM also makes an appearance here, which is rather ironic seeing as how main vocalist Evo sounds a bit like Cronos at times. The track "Rose Petals Fall From Her Face" is rather a chaotic and sick track, Cronos is found near the end doing some rather sick commentary, which you'll have to hear to believe! The instrumentation as I said is a bit simplistic but it doesn't fail to get the job done, and WARFARE comes off sounding at times like a cross between MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM, with some rock and roll touches thrown in. With album titles like "Mayhem Fucking Mayhem" and "Pure Filth", these guys aren't afraid to get down and dirty and take no prisoners. Another great band that features the drummer also doing vocals, anyone remember ZOETROPE? Originally released on Neat Records, with a darker cover, the Roadrunner import is what most people will find these days.

1) Warning
2) Total Armageddon
3) This Machine Kills
4) Let The Show Go On
5) Breakout
6) Burn The Kings Road

1) New Age Of Total Warfare
2) Collision
3) Dance Of The Dead
4) Limit Crescendo
5) Rose Petals Fall From Her Face

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Steven Cannon