Tytan: Rough Justice

Label/DistributionMetal Masters
FormatLP, CD
Musical styleNWoBHM
Additional infoRereleased on CD and lim. ed. CD with Bonustracks and DVD
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Here’s an absolute cult-classic of the 80s British scene! So curious was the fact that the band recorded these songs in 1980, but at that time only the rare single Blind Men & Fools 12-inch” was released. Later in 1985, Metal Masters (cult label we all know!) published this bombastic example of primordial Class Metal.
Line up ruled: Heavy Metal hero Kal Swan (to be found then in Lion and Bad Moon Rising) and Angel Witch former bassist Kevin Riddles gave life to this obscure creature in which masterpiece Rough Justice” both drummers Les Binks (Judas Priest) and Dave Dufort (Angel Witch) took part.
The essential guitar riffing, a bunch of melodic and easy-listening purposes (listen to Women on the Frontline”) and the magical Dio-like vocals of minstrel Kal Swan, made this album rule in every kid’s collection; tracks like the epic ride Blind Men and Fools”, Money for Love” and Rude Awakening” are part of the brightest NWOBHM legacy!
It’s rare, it rocks and it pounds!

Eine der besten NWoBHM-Platten lange vorzustellen ist wohl etwas sinnlos. Songs wie "Blind men and fools" kennt sowieso jeder, der sich irgendwann man mit der NWoBHM-Phase beschäftigt hat. Die CD bietet Bonustracks und DVD, aber der echte Fan hat sowieso meistens LP und CD!!!

1. Blind Men & Fools
2. Money For Love
3. Women On The Frontline
4. Cold Bitch
5. Ballad Of Edward Case
6. Rude Awakening
7. The Watcher
8. Far Cry
9. Sadman
10. Forever Gone
11. Dont Play Their Way
12. Far Side Of Destiny

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Massimo Machetti