Traitor's Gate: Devil Takes the high Road

Label/DistributionBullet (Released only in France)
Musical styleNWoBHM
Additional info-
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


WOW! I have seen this record on more people's want lists than any others, and I almost NEVER see this 3 song 12 inch for sale. It is DEFINITELY a must have no matter what the cost or trouble involved in tracking this down. Band information and just general info about this band is impossible to find, however, these three songs are classic 80's power metal that is just stunning from song to song. The title tracks starts off with howling wind sounds and a slow intro, but the instrumentation soon starts rocking, and never lets up throughout the entire disc. The guitar work is quite superb, and even a song title like 'Love After Midnight' is pure class. 'Shoot To Kill' ends the disc with some fast and heavy guitar work, and I swear that vocalist reminds me of Hawk's vocalist, who does a great job of conveying heaviness and atmosphere to such killer instrumentation. This is so rare I am afraid that many people will never get to hear it, much less own it.

1) Devil Takes The High Road

1) Love After Midnight
2) Shoot To Kill

Created / updated: 2012-07-23
Steven Cannon