The Restless Breed: Hiding in plain sight

Label/DistributionBreed/High Roller
FormatLP, CD
Musical styleNWoBHM
Additional infoCD with 4 Bonustracks
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Eines der Alben, die auf High Roller etwas untergegangen sind. Dabei wird überdurchschnittlicher NWoBHM geboten mit echten Hightlights wie z.B. "Cry of the wolfen". Woran liegts, daß das Album nicht so richtig rausgekommen ist.

Das Coverartwork der CD ist megaschwach. Zum Glück hat da die LP-Version Abhilfe geschaffen.

great Post-NWoBHM! A really fine vocalist and variable songwriting showed by one of the most promising NWoBHM-bands which made only one album so far.

Sadly this album was totally underrated and overseen from many collectors although its definitely one of the best releases from high roller records and really worth to be checked out.

One reason for the ignorance of the people for sure is the low-quality coverartwork of the CD-version. For luck the LP-cover is much better.

Cry of the Wolfen
Head On
Eye of the Storm
Grace of God
Mr Grey Regrets
Aces High

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Riermaier