Taliön: Killing the World

FormatLP, CD
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoalso released on CD
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Formed by ex-TROJAN members this LP is more thrash oriented and personally i find it much weaker than the TROJAN’s godly Chasing the storm”. The tracks last too long and inevitably become boring when a band chooses to play this style of metal. You can hear some good riffs / melodies every once and awhile but they’re lost in the complicated structures of each song. Devoted thrash fans will probably find this album better than I do, so those who are interested don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

Ok, where to start to describe this Masterpiece? I heard for this album first time when i saw this CD was sold on the internet for $200! Extremely rare find indeed! So, on a first listen (MP3) it sounded to me like typical 80s Thrash Metal band and on the second listen I remember thinking to myself "hey, this is some really cool combination of thrashy riffs and heavy metal singing" and finally I realized this album is pure "in-your-face" bombastic power Metal! Vocalist (Graeme Wyatt) has very unique (he sounds like he's affraid of something!), powerful and great voice. Guitarist (Pete Wadeson) is totally amazing with his heavy riffs, ultra speed solos and fantastic melodic parts! Rhythm section (Phil Gavin - bass and Johnny Lee Jackson - drums) really gives this album that "fist pumping" feeling. Great! Production on "Killing the World" is rough (that's why many people see this album as thrash metal) but don't be fooled by that 'cause this is old school power metal in its purest form. Lyrics are about Man's destroying the Earth, judgement day and such. Very simple and easy to remember. And even comic-style front cover-art is simply amazing!

Huge injustice is done to this fantastic band and I think this is one of the most underrated Metal bands ever! This album has "soul" and you will fall in love with it after only 2-3 listnings. God only knows how many times I headbanged with this album! I don't know what are the reasons why TALION didn't make it to the wider audience, it's a big shame really. LP is not so hard to find but CD is a top-trophy for any serious Metal collector. This is a true underground metal classic. PLAY IT LOUD!!! (Vladimir S.)

Killing the world
Living on the edge
Speed thrills
Law of retaliation
Screamin for mercy

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
John Panagiotopoulos