Stairway: Interregnum

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional infoLP-version according to the size even more impressing because of the great coverarwtork!
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Was flattert denn da auf den Tisch? So ein Hammer-Coverartwork raubt einem ja gleich mal den Atem. Rodney Matthews hat zugeschlagen. Für STAIRWAYs erstes Album hatte er ja schon ein Cover entworfen. Nun also erneut und in höchster Qualität, wie gewohnt.

Da fällt es ja schon fast schwer auf die Musik überzugehen, wenn man jedoch die CD oder wahlweise die LP (was für eine Cover, ich wiederhole mich) anhört, wird klar, daß man auch musikalisch zurück Richtung erstes Album gegangen ist.

Gleich beim Opener "Suffering servant" fühlt man sich in die 80er zurückversetzt. Melodischer Metal in der Schnittmenge zwischen SARACEN, MAGNUM und PRAYING MANTIS ist natürlich für UK-Fans das gefundene Fressen. So geht es übers ganze Album weiter. Die angenehme Stimme von Graeme Leslie passt dabei hervorragend zu den Kompositionen.

Wenn etwas mehr Geld im Spiel gewesen wäre, hätte auch der Sound noch etwas Verbesserung vertragen, aber ich denke, das kann der geneigte Fan verschmerzen. Für mich ist "Interregnum" zusammen mit dem Debut das beste Album der Band. Ganz stark!!!

By opening the parcel the positive shock came first. What a great coverartwork??? Rodney Matthews at its best like he did for the first album from STAIRWAY.

By watching this killer-art its quite difficult to move to the CD/LP-player and start the album, but when its done the next positive surprise is waiting. Musically STAIRWAY are moving back to the 80s too. High class Melodic Metal/Hard Rock between SARACEN, MAGNUM and PRAYING MANTIS as we are used to it from this band is celebrated through all the songs.

In my opinion "Interregnum" is their best album although all the others are strong too. Maybe the sound could have been a bit more clear and powerful, but I guess this was caused by lack of money. Studio production still is expensive today, so I hope this album will sell very well. The band has deserved it.

No need to talk about a song in special. You will find a lot of really exciting songs and moments. G. Leslie's great talent is shown everywhere but to put something out, maybe most impressive in the really great ballad intro of "Born to die". There are a lot of good vocalists around, but its a matter of feeling too and he definitely has plenty of it.

So if you are a fan of great 80s melodic Metal and your collection needs more stuff beside the mentioned albums and maybe others like DEMON, CITY BOY, have no other choice than to hunt for "Interregnum".

The suffering servant
In the shadow of the cross
I am calling
Born to die
Ride the wind
New life
Enter the light
Fear and lies
What lies within
The battle is over
Born to die epilogue

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Markus Tost