Satan: Kiss of Death

Label/DistributionGuardian Records (GRC 145)
Musical styleNWoBHM
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Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Another great chapter in the NWOBHM History!
The glorious british Heavy Metal sound, had a great input in the early ‘80s. A lot of bands ( after the first seminal wave of 1980-’81), starts to play very fast and furious: Savage, Satan and Crucifixion are only some of these bands.
The Satan 7” single is now very high in demand and very rare.
The two tracks, Kiss Of Death” and "Heads Will Roll” are a simply pure Speed Metal attack! Skullcrushing riffs, thundering and fast drum and killing vocals! A bleeding guitar solo!!!!
It’s very difficult to describe a masterpiece with only the words!
On the back of the sleeve, the band announce the forthcoming album on Guardian Records... released only two years later on Neat with different title! A thing that during the glory days of NWOBHM was very usual (many bands never released a long playing or when release it, the magic touch of the early singles was finished…).
Satan was the band of the Metal bros Steve Ramsey (Guitar) and Graeme English (bass guitar). A collaboration over all the ‘80s, ‘90s and still continue! After Satan they formed Pariah (UK Pariah!) and release under this name A Blaze of Obsurity”, a very great album of thrash of late ‘80s, after Pariah with Mr. Walkyer they formed Skyclad (great folk- metal!) and some years ago they resumed the Pariah monicker for a great album (Unity).
The Satan LP (see the review of Caught in the Act”), is the best long playing they produced. A great album of Speed / Thrash metal, well produced with many highlights (Blades of Steel”, Trial by Fire” and Break Free”). The sound is no savage like in the first single, is more clean”. The voice of Brian Ross is always great ( I see and meet Brian some month ago, a great man and a great vocalist also today!).
I think that too much words I wrote about Satan and his discography, but I love this band!

1) Kiss Of Death
2) Heads Will Roll

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Paolo Botta