Driven To Distraction: Never forgive, never forget

Musical styleCrossover, Thrash Metal
Additional infono PS
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


A few copies of this private 7" turned up on ebay last year I guess, not sure if the seller was related with the band in any way, but I haven't seen copies since. Maybe more copies will be turning up sooner or later who knows. DTD was a UK band but musically I'd put them more in the US style Crossover Thrash corner. They do sound kinda like a cross of HOLY TERROR style Thrash with an edge of HC on the opener"Terrorisation" despite the Rap parts at the end of the track that makes them sounding like BITTER END. The B-side opens with an more motörheadish influenced fast paced thrashier Rocker while "I don't care (no more)" is prohably the best track of the 3, a PRIMAL SCREAM-ish demo (the CARNIVORE connected band though) alike Speed crusher. Quite collectible 7" for Thrashers that seems like never came with a PS. At least 3 songs of them survived the last 2 decades.

Never forgive, never forget
I don't care (no more)

Created / updated: 2013-09-09