Deathwish: At the Edge of Damnation

Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoInnersleeve with lyrics
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


I didn't even know this album existed until I did web searches for DEATHWISH. Their second album "Demon Preacher" is the better known of the two, probably because of the worldwide distribution through Profile. Speedy thrash that reminds one of SABBAT and crushers ONSLAUGHT, a tune like "Demonic Attack" (they love themes dealing with demons, don't they?) starts out with some catchy but crushing riffs, while they can definitely pour on the speed! Jon's vocals are pretty vicious, mostly downtuned, but very much like ONSLAUGHT's Sy Keeler (from "The Force" fame), Jon can belt out some higher pitched singing vocals, but UNLIKE Sy, Jon dips into the high range occasionally, so if the higher pitched vocal delivery of ONSLAUGHT bothered you, this should be more to your liking. Opener "In The Name Of God" is a tune that sticks out most in my head, due mostly to some catchy chorus work and the trademark thrashy riffs. Album ender "Forces Of Darkness" has a rather eerie acoustical start before ripping it up hard and heavy. Deathwish was definitely NOT afraid of the melodic passages, nor were they afraid to slow things down and prove that excellent musicians they indeed were, able to vary their songs enough to keep them interesting and sounding like a rehash of everything else that had been done in the genre early on. The most interesting thing about the band is the lyrical content, which is more or less structured like TYRANT's "Legions Of The Dead" or "Too Late To Pray," choosing to sing about the dangers of aligning with the darker side of life. They also espouse the hypocrisy of the church, leaving one to wonder if they chose to play both sides of the fence in the lyrical game.

1) In The Name Of God
2) Demonic Attack
3) At The Edge Of Damnation
4) Exorcist
5) Leaving Your Life Behind

1) Dance Of The Dead
2) For Evil Done
3) Sword Of Justice
4) Forces Of Darkness

Created / updated: 2012-07-23
Steven Cannon