Cynic: Suburbian crisis

Musical styleNWoBHM
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Als Post-NWoBHM würde ich die CD von CYNIC einstufen. Die rauhe Stimme von Shaun Grant erinnert and Bands wie INCUBUS ("To the devil a daughter") oder die Finnen RIFF RAFF und versetzt uns direkt umd über 25 Jahre zurück.

Die Songs sind textlich anspruchsvoll, die Musik zum Glück straight gehalten und eingängig. Die Produktion ist auf neuestem Stand ohne Glatt zu wirken und letztendlich ist eigentlich nur zu bemängeln, daß es sich um ein leicht kaputtbares Digipack handelt.

Für Fans englischen traditionellen Metal ist noch eine weitere Tücke eingebaut. Man erkennt zwar, daß das Cover zum textlichen Gesamtkonzept passt, aber Bandname und Cover in Gemeinsamkeit deuten auf eine völlig andere Musikrichtung hin. Das sollte aber niemanden abhalten, dieses sehr gute Heavy Metal-Album zu kaufen!

Something like post-NwoBHM would be a description for CYNICs album "Suburbian crisis". The raw voice of Shaun Grant rememembers me on bands like INCUBUS ("To the devil a daugther") and the finish 80s band RIFF RAFF. Both bands don't exist anymore, but CYNIC does. So you can expect a great travel 25 years back in time.

The lyrics show more potential than the traditional Heavy Metal clichee (you know what I mean: the usual dragons and knights). The music is well produced and supports the songs in a perfect way.

So if you are a fan of traditional Metal NWoBHM style with class you can't go wrong with buying "Suburbian crisis". Or to tell it more clearly: This CD is probably a must-have for many of you.

The only negative point -and collectors know of course what I mean- is the very easy destroyable Digipack. A lot of bands create this but in fact its a desaster for fans if the Digi falls down on the floor only once for any reason. Usually the teeth of the tray are destroyed and there is just the choide to buy a new CD or to have a non fixed CD in a useless case. So my only wish to this great band for the future is: Please put your next CD,DVD or whatever it will be in a Jewelcase and forget about this Digi nonsense.

Back to the music. There are many bands with the name CYNIC and mostly are deep into the Death/Black/Thrash Metal scene, so take care and watch out for the best CYNIC band which doubtetly is the english one with their glorious album "Suburbian crisis".

1. Suicide 04:44
2. Ten Years From Now 03:36
3. Dark December 08:24
4. Suburban Crisis 04:04
5. Faithless One 03:57
6. Rebel Eye 05:13
7. Do or Die 06:15
8. Eight Below 03:19
Total playing time 39:32

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Riermaier