Cloven Hoof: Dominator

Label/DistributionHeavy Metal Records
Musical stylePower Metal
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Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Oldies but goldies time. With a new line-up featuring ex-TREDEGAR members Andy Wood and Russ North, CLOVEN HOOF released in 1988 an album that is believed to be a cornerstone of power metal, the titanic Dominator”. Changing their music direction towards a faster, more powerful style based on IRON MAIDEN’s sound , the band gave us an album that will be remembered ‘till the end of time. Starting with the stormy Rising up” and ending with the grandiose Road of eagles” , Dominator” is a true power metal pandemonium. Of course, in this album lies THE metal anthem Reach for the sky”, a track written only once in every 10 years, guaranteed to blow you away with its leading riff and its exciting chorus, a track that you’ll need several days, weeks or months (who knows?) in order to recover from its divinity. The whole story behind Dominator” is based on the idea of a universal fight between a rebellious force who fights to overthrow the oppressive emperor Dominator of his throne, that is to say a brilliant, unique sci-fi concept which has nothing to do with commonly used issues that first KING DIAMOND or QUEENSRYCHE dealed with in their concept albums. It’s heavy metal in all its glory. Lyrics like the following send shivers down your spine: Lift the banner of freedom on high, raise the empire to the ground, let arrows fly, let warning sound, as free men we choose to die” or Life is a dream and death a reality to me, starfleet in flames but never surrender” – I wonder if it can get more metal than this. The production suffers a little bit, but that’s not an excuse for anyone, this album MUST lie in one of the most conspicuous places of your collection. Apart from the vinyl, Dominator” was also released on CD format and its original version is really hard to find. Final words: For those who don’t have it: Move your ass and go get this album NOW! Those who already have it, give it one more (and then one more…) spin. This album will never rust. This album is timeless.

Rising up
Nova battlestar
Reach for the sky
Warrior of the wasteland
The invaders
Road of eagles

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
John Panagiotopoulos