Cloven Hoof: A Sultans Ransom

Label/DistributionHeavy Metal Records
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoCD Version is way rarer (Rarity Grading: 4)
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Is the best power metal album coming from Great Britain? Maybe that's true because of the almighty CLOVEN HOOF. "A Sultan's Ransom" is a real masterpiece of unbeatable power. Passion, grace, agony. Three basic elements that made this album come true. Great melodic yet so powerful guitars with a monumental perfomance at vocals. Just listen to "Forgotten Heroes","Highlander","Jekyll And Hyde","Astral Raiders" and "Mistress Of The Forest" with the unforgettable chorus. The sound is pure U.S. power metal with references to NWOBHM. The production could be better but this fact doesn't reduce the music value of this album. The CD edition is too rare but the vinyl can be found more easily. An album made from real metalheads and destined to be heard only from real metalheads. Play this album 'till your ears bleed! A MUST!

1) Astral Rider
2) Forgotten Heroes
3) D.V.R.
4) Jekyll And Hyde
5) 1001 Nights

1) Silver Surfer
2) Notre Dame
3) Mad, Mad World
4) Highlander
5) Mistress Of The Forest

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
John Panagiotopoulos