Bad Taste: Rockin' girl

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoThanks to James Cockings: "The black and white photocopied cover is original and I seem to remember only around 250 copies of the single were produced and sold to school mates and at local gigs. The record label (Newgate Records) refers to the pub (now called "The Phoenix") they played a number of gigs st in High Green (Sheffield) where the more famous group Arctic Monkeys also hail from."
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Rather unknown british Metallers from the late 80's with an independent 7"EP that even though the logo looks extremely punky and the band pics are rather scary (WHITESNAKE shirt and everyone with short hair) to my surprise includes very listenable Heavy Metal in the vein of bands such as SAMURAI or NIGHTMARE from France, though the NWOBHM influence isn't that big. You can get some last copies at the moment from Vinyl Tap though they do not have the cover (which in my case is just a double sided xeroxed paper sheet) but instead are pretty cheap. Both tracks are midtempo Metal songs but with rough production and good drive, while the vocalist can be considered exactly in the same vein as Harry Potter's father's brother David (also known as vocalist of CLOVEN HOOF), a typical british singer in other words. Very collectable stuff that sounds alot better than the first view may reveal!

Rockin' girl
Dark side of the town

Created / updated: 2014-11-04