Atomkraft: Conductors of noise

Musical stylePower Metal
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2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


They had the chance to do it the third time and again it is nothing special. Post NWoBHM. Hard, heavy, boring

Most people will find "Conductors Of Noize" a rather unknown piece of work, it definitely starts out hard and heavy, 'Requiem' being a typical fast paced thrash tune, and probably one of the better tracks to grace this EP. The main vocal work is rough edged style, and is what makes this work for the most part, though higher ended vocal work is found in several spots. The most notable thing about this band is "Demolition" Tony Dolan's role in Venom's later years. You will find some of what I term "dirtier" acoustic guitar work in spots, and the musicianship is indeed quite tight if a bit misleading on a song like "Foliage". The song titles, as you can see, are quite odd, and one would think UN-typical of the thrashier style they present. "Foliage" is probably one of their fastest cuts here, and it's one thing that makes this 6 song effort stand out. There are lots of rough moments here, and those who are more into the melodic or progressive side of metal may not be able to appreciate the roughness of this, however the stop-start vocal effects and instrumentation, especially on the choruses of "The Cage", are definitely worth noting. Due to a rather "noisy" production, the guitars sound a bit more distorted than they probably are, but the drumming is pretty up front and in your face. This is a solid effort all the way around, though it does have it's weak points. This was the last release ATOMKRAFT ever did, and is probably worth checking into due to it's relative ease to pick up.

The cage
Vision of Belshazzar
Teutonic pain
Rich bitch

Created / updated: 2012-07-23
Stefan Riermaier