Guardians: Rocknight

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


I think the swiss guys can tell us more about this private EP, it's the first time ever that I even heard about it and seriously who wouldn't buy this one with such a cover artwork? They seemed to hail from the Z├╝rich area, judging by the adresses they surely came from the german speaking part of Switzerland. Don't expect anything superior, it's just a garage band offering a kinda melodic but pounding raw sounding Metal in the vein of FASTWAY's "Trick or treat" soundtrack (Love it!). What makes me headaches is the vocalist of corpse. He indeed came up with typical US poser voice, sounding like a boy or something! On the other hand the guitar solos are pretty good and here and there are a few heavier parts shining thru. The production saves them I'd say, though a Metal collector can't miss this out, it's too obscure...

Crazy schooldays

Created / updated: 2011-01-17