Overdrive: Swords and Axes

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHeavy Metal
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Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Another good example of Swedish metal, doesn't the world have lots of this kind of stuff? This band features the rather skilled and slightly melodic guitar work of one Janne Stark, who is regarded as somewhat of a famous musician in Sweden, he has appeared with a few other bands as well, most notably Paradize and Locomotive Breath. The album starts out rather roughly, the singer can definitely hit some high notes but maintains a lower range. "Dream Away" and "Black Revenge" start the album off okay, but it's really "Fightin' Man" that catches my ears, with the more melodic guitar work and almost NWOBHM sound. "Burn In Hell" was a really dark and almost doomy tune, the guitar work here is probably some of the dirtiest and slowest you'll hear on this record. They do speed it up a tad, however. You get to hear some interesting solo work starting off the title track, before they crank up the speed and churn out a really good track. Nice guitar work abounds on this song, which is a 5 minute plus instrumental, well, at least until the end where you hear this spoken word piece. "Living In Sin" does the more melodic thing as well, once again going for a more traditional metal sound, before giving way to a speedier tune in "Mission Of Destruction". The speedier numbers seem to be their strength, as the vocals and instrumentation really tighten up here. Then there's the acoustic instrumental "Ode To Juliet", showcasing a bit of diversity in this Swedish power act. "Broken Hearted" ends the album on a more ballad oriented piece, and is pretty decent (for an 80's chick grabber). However, they do crank up the heavier guitars and end this album on a decent pace. Overall, it's not the greatest of albums but it IS rather enjoyable, and should be relatively easy to find, especially if you want to own it on CD, as both Overdrive albums have been reissued on CD. The band starts out rough, but keeps things on a relatively straightforward piece, and is a good piece of Swedish history.

1) Dream Away
2) Black Revenge
3) Fightin' Man
4) Burn In Hell

1) Swords And Axes
2) Living In Sin
3) Mission Of Destruction
4) Ode To Juliet
5) Broken Hearted

Created / updated: 2012-07-23
Steven Cannon