Agony: The First Defiance

Label/DistributionUnder One Flag
Musical styleSpeed Metal
Additional infoInnersleeve w/photos, no lyrics. LP also released on Combat Rec./USA.
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


AGONY is a very vicious and catchy speed/thrash metal band with classic metal elements in their music. Not much info to be found on the net about this band, though their record seems to be very easy to obtain. Check out the fast and razor sharp riffs to be found on tracks like 'Shadow Of Fear" and "Madness Reigns," these axemasters can really rip through their songs! The vocalist can belt out some potent screams, but for the most part his vocals are low and rough, reminiscent of many thrash artists you've heard. Some of the song structures can be quite catchy, especially on some of the slower vocal parts on the title track. The songs here are quite long, in fact you'll find only two songs under five minutes, but that's okay because they know how to vary the song structures quite a bit. No high pitched power vocals or soft and moody ballads, it's all hard and heavy thrash. The lead solos do tend to blaze away at higher tones, but it's raging speed/thrash type of solos. It's quite a good album and a shame there isn't a site devoted to the band, or even more personal info about the band.

1) Storm Of The Apocalypse
2) The First Defiance
3) Execution Of Mankind
4) Mass Manipulation

1) Night Of The Emperor
2) Shadow Of Fear
3) Madness Reigns
4) Deadly Legacy

Created / updated: 2012-07-23
Steven Cannon