Mazo: Same

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Spanish Metal.

PS: "...Beside the album, they also released a 7" single "Vive la musica". (The B-side of the single was "Vive la Musica" - part II). MANOLO CANO came from OBUS, and JULIO DIAZ later left to SANTA. They went on to a big record company, and in the beginning everybody spoke about them, but after some time, the company kicked them out, because the record didn't sell, and the band split up, back in 1983-84 /.../ I think of the Lp they pressed first 1000 (the normal thing for MERCURY records for spanish groups) and maybe they made a second 1000 pressing, but i don't think so, because the record didn't sell good, and its very difficult to find in Spain."
Thanks for the info to: Rene Engelaan

1) Balada Cafre
2) Nada Nada
3) Depresion
4) Me Estas Equivocando

1) Extermination
2) Rebelate
3) Vive La Musica (Part. I y II)
4) Has Cambiado

Created / updated: 2012-08-11
Stefan Wille