Future Legend: Same

Musical styleAOR, Pop
Additional infolyrics on innersleeve Rarity-Grading set to "0" although this never is offered anywhere. For the simple reason to WARN you all: dont buy this record if you're a Metal Head, or you might as well be... (you know the rest)
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Look at THAT cover!! If you'd have the record in your hands and pull out the innersleeve, you'd see the Bandlogo with the shining Sword of Steel enlarged, lyrics on the other side. Now tell me: WHAT do you expect from a Cover and layout like this?? Right, POWER METAL and nothing else!! And that is 100% and perfectly WRONG!!! What you get is far worth than a wolf in sheeps clothes: AOR/Melodic Pop-Rock (maybe not ever Rock), NO METAL AT ALL!! Would be a nice gift for your girlfriend if she's a Poser, and that's all you can do with this beautyful but horrible LP of FUTURE LEGEND...

1) You don't mind
2) Infatuation
3) Looking for the answer
4) Coming Back

1) Sensations
2) I don't want to be
3) Colors of Gold
4) Eo, eo, eo

Created / updated: 2012-08-11
Roman Greindl