Esfinge: Diosa Esfinge

Label/DistributionAyuntamiento de Madrid
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infocomes with insert
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Here we have a very obscure 7" from the Spanish Heavy Rockerz ESFINGE. You’ll find out what band is featured here just by turning the record’s cover, coz this EP really seems to be one out of a whole series.
Here we have number 2 Premio Rock Duro and the cover reveals the title of the series "VIII Trofeo Rock Villa de Madrid", and shows a lady without tits commanding 2 lions.
Look at the scan where you can see the back cover which shows the band featured on each EP of this series.
Ok, back to the music of Esfinge, "Diosa Esfinge" is a powerful banger with a good drive and almost bordering on Power Metal. The production is raw and dirty and fantastically reflects the rawness of Esfinge's style. "Gladiator del rock" starts much slower, in the middle part it's getting wilder just like in "Diosa esfinge" and in the end it's going to be just like it started as a cool Heavy rocker. The vocals are not that melodic like we are used to the most spanish bands. I must say that everything really fits together here...

Diosa Esfinge
Gladiator del Rock

Created / updated: 2011-01-17