Small Sky: Rock'n Roll

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infocomes with info/lyric sheet
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Ma is listing this record under the title of "Silver lake" but I have my doubts. Not alone that
"Rock'n Roll" is printed on the cover but also on the side that title turns up. Anyways, lets get straight to the point this time. The cover is the uglyness in person and if the seller wouldn't have labeled them as Heavy Metal I'd never ever invested even 5 E in this ugly piece. Surprisingly, even though they do not look very Metal (see LEGEND CREATION) at all, I'd rate "Rock'n Roll" amoung the better korean Metal albums for sure. The sound is fuckin' heavy and raw and musicially "Hurricane" comes close to it's title, an awesome rude power smasher and the lonely hit on this album. Alone "Hurricane" makes it buyable but also the other songs do show a nice combination of technical know how and heavyiness in general although they do act like most other korean bands such as SINAWE mainly in midtempo regions trying to compose pounding US alike poser stuff ("I want leave", "Rock'n Roll") with original refrains ("Broken promise") and some awesome (as usual) guitar solos. Needless to say that they're presenting themselves in best form while doing the really heavy shit ("Motorcycle") but this sadly doesn't happen that often. For guitar fetishists truly worth to search for and still to mention the language on this album is the exotic Metal specialists won't have any excuses. Even the vocalist sounds pretty listenable this time.

I want leave
Silver lake
Broken promise
Rock'n roll
Lost time

Created / updated: 2011-01-17