Cratia/Avalanche: Split LP

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Avalanche must be known from the first part of the Friday Afternoon Compilation with their insane Power Metal hymn "Farewell to 99" as well as Cratia with the weaker number "King of Rock", but especially Avalanche should have left a kinda promising taste on your tongue. And all who liked, no, that's not the right word, loved that track will be satisfied with their part on this unequal Split since they developed their style and got much heavier, diving into the Thrash scene and therefore are the heaviest of all known korean 80's bands with vinyl at all. The "Farewell to 99" roots are still there but when you take a look at the "Master of puppets" shirt of one of their members you'll immediately know which band/album has influenced them the most. I should not mention it here, because I wanna see each of your faces when you listen the first time ever to "Burst out", a track that obviously starts EXACTLY with the same riff like "Let there be death". I couldn't trust my ears myself but already was kinda immune to that kind of musicial theft due to the massive Metallica riff bombardement on the mammoth track "Crying of Armageddon" (written on the back sleeve "Clying of Armageddon" lol!). However, imagine am mix of "The force" and "Master of puppets" with wicked vocals (good nasty vocals) and you'll know what's to expect! A true highlight on the korean Metal horizon that Cratia weren't able to copy. This band more concentrates on typical Heavy Metal known from bands such as Sinawe or Museros, guitar oriented creations as it's usually known by korean bands and even a more than acceptable singing vocalist. This band isn't a cucumber at all, even though they can't hold the standard that Avalanche presented on the A-side. All in all it's a great Split album worth searching for. Please don't ignore it!

Crying of Armageddon
Burst out
The rising

The world stops turnin
Hard headed woman
All that I want
Rock box

Created / updated: 2011-01-17