Skoraja Pomosch: Same

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Better known as FIRST AID, a band that released 2 albums later but on this EP they still used the russian name.
All 3 tracks aren't available on any of their LP's and the musicial content is just too good to be ignored.
"Schag na Eschafot" is a great epic ballad that you haven't heard that often I can swear! Both guitarists are truly godz but later on their second album they totally lost all ideas how to create real Metal. The guitar solos are sounding just like from another star. It won't let you go anymore if you're into it's grip. It could listen to it again and again and it never would sound boring. Timeless of the best songs I've ever heard from eastern Europe for sure.
"Vremja Prosreth" is a cool midtempo hymn with absolutely nasty vocals that starts like "Sands of time" from the mighty AXEHAMMER. And once again the fantastic lead guitar work is to stress. "Poslednii Visit" is a nice Hard Rocker, again a hymn with great refrain, a bit too short but on the other side the solo will squeeze the blood out of your ears. The whole style of Skoraja Pomosch is more comparable to US Metal (with absolutely epic touches) than to the rest of the easteuropean Metal brigades. 3 killer tracks on one EP. That doesn't appear that often. A truly ignored classic...

Schag na Eschafot
Vremja Prosreth
Poslednii Visit

Created / updated: 2011-02-09